The path of the kebab 

Quality starts with the raw materials. That is why we choose our raw materials with the utmost care and dedication. A high quality standard allows us to produce our kebab above the legal quality guidelines. We demand from our suppliers the same dedication and reliability that we bring to our customers.

We generally receive the delivered meat from certified and TÜV-certified farms. Every meat we receive can be traced back to the birth of the animal. Our meat is checked at regular intervals by random tests in the laboratory using a veterinary officer from Milas GmbH and only released for further processing if the result is positive.

The carefully selected meat is processed directly hygienically and with the most modern means of production and then mixed with a special composition of natural spices and ingredients, which gives our kebab its unmistakable taste.

Freshly packed and snap frozen, the kebab is ready for delivery to our customers.

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